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This package contains an installation of Jaeger using a helm chart sourced from upstream with minimal modifications. This chart makes use of the Jaeger Operator for installs/upgrades.


Jaeger is an open-source application providing end-to-end distributed tracing for network observability. This repo provides an implementation of Jaeger for Big Bang. Installation requires that Istio be installed (and Elastic for long term tracing storage).

How it works📜

Jaeger receives “traces” from all istio sidecars in the cluster. Each of these traces help visualize a segment of traffic flowing between pods/services in the cluster. Traces are by default stored in memory, but Big Bang configures Jaeger to store them in Elasticsearch for high availability and persistence.

Please review the BigBang Architecture Document for more information about it’s role within BigBang.

Last update: 2021-12-02 by Micah Nagel