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Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager (NXRM) Documentation📜

Table of Contents📜

Iron Bank📜

You can pull the Iron Bank image here and view the container approval here.


Please reference complete list of providable variables here

git clone
helm install nexus-repository-manager chart

BigBang Additions, Comments, and Important Information📜

Random Admin Password📜

NXRM’s upstream chart ships with a standardized password and an optional values parameter to randomize a password. The problem with this approach it the user would be required to exec into the pod to retrieve the password. We are leveraging the existing nexus.env['NEXUS_SECURITY_RANDOMPASSWORD'] item to force the creation of the random password on the pod. However, we are generating a random password via randAlphaNum and creating a Kubernetes secret. This method allows us to overwrite the generated file containing the Nexus generated random password with a Kubernetes secret to enable programmatic ingestion.

If you change the admin user’s password via the UI you also must update the secret. Failure to do so will result in proxy/saml job failures on subsequent upgrades.

Ensure the following is present to enable the randomized Kubernetes password:

# values.yaml
      key: "true"
  enabled: true
  mountPath: /nexus-data/admin.password
  subPath: admin.password
  readOnly: true


See PROMETHEUS.MD for information about integration with Prometheus.


We expect you to secure your license; the license will be provided as a binary. Encode the binary file as a base64 encoded string, secure with sops, and place in .Values.addons.nexusRepositoryManager.license_key. The _helpers.tpl will create a named template and generate the appropriate secret within the namespace. The chart will reference the license via a secret volumeMount to ensure the application starts licensed.

NXRM Dependent Packages📜

Nexus IQ Server requires Nexus Repository Manager.

Last update: 2023-01-23 by kevin.wilder