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How to Sync with Upstream📜

Since the mattermost operator chart is built and maintained by Big Bang syncing with upstream is not as straight forward as a kpt pkg update.

  1. Run kpt pkg update docs/upstream@{NEW OPERATOR TAG} --strategy force-delete-replace. Notice that this updates the folder docs/upstream.

  2. Incrementally copy the CRD sections from docs/upstream/mattermost-operator.yaml into their respective files in chart/mattermost-operator-crds/templates (it can be helpful to search for --- to find the sections). At this step the following file names to match the CRD names are:,, and

  3. Modify each CRD file to remove creationTimestamp: null and add labels. Labels to add:

  labels: '{{ .Release.Service }}' '{{ .Release.Name }}' '{{ .Chart.AppVersion }}' '{{ .Chart.Name }}-{{ .Chart.Version }}'
  1. Update chart/mattermost-operator-crds/Chart.yaml version and appVersion to the new operator version.

  2. Update the versions for chart/Chart.yaml to the new operator version (version, appVersion, dependency version, and annotations).

  3. Run helm dependency update ./chart and validate that the new CRD chart tgz is under chart/charts.

  4. Incrementally copy out the remaining sections from docs/upstream/mattermost-operator.yaml into their respective files in chart/templates. At this step the following file names to match the object types are: clusterrole, clusterrolebinding, service, serviceaccount, and deployment.

  5. Modify each to add labels and remove creationTimestamp: null. Any spot where namespace: if referenced should become {{ .Release.Namespace }} instead of hardcoded mattermost-operator. As before, the labels to add:

  labels: '{{ .Release.Service }}' '{{ .Release.Name }}' '{{ .Chart.AppVersion }}' '{{ .Chart.Name }}-{{ .Chart.Version }}'
  1. For the deployment file: make sure that you maintain the existing values mapping for replicas, image, resources, imagePullSecrets, securityContext, nodeSelector, affinity, and tolerations. These are all BigBang additions that we need to keep.

  2. Modify chart/values.yaml to use the latest image under image.tag.

  3. Add a changelog entry for the Chart version.

  4. Update top-level ./ using script from gluon library.

  5. Open an MR on Repo1 and validate that all changes look as expected in the diffs and CI passes. Make any necessary changes if something looks off or CI fails.

Chart Additions📜


The mutating Kyverno policy named update-automountserviceaccounttokens is leveraged to harden all ServiceAccounts in this package with automountServiceAccountToken: false. This policy is configured by namespace in the Big Bang umbrella chart repository at chart/templates/kyverno-policies/values.yaml.

This policy revokes access to the K8s API for Pods utilizing said ServiceAccounts. If a Pod truly requires access to the K8s API (for app functionality), the Pod is added to the pods: array of the same mutating policy. This grants the Pod access to the API, and creates a Kyverno PolicyException to prevent an alert.

Last update: 2024-01-08 by Cody Williams