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Neuvector Keycloak Configuration📜

This document outlines how to set up a Keycloak client for use with Neuvector and the neccesary configuration for connecting the client.

Keycloak Configuration📜

Create a Neuvector Client📜

  • The Client ID, name and description can be whatever you want, make note of the Client ID
  • Change the following configuration items
    • Enable client authentication (confidential access type)
    • Direct Access Grants Enabled: Off
    • Valid Redirect URIs: https://neuvector.${DOMAIN}/openId_auth
    • Base URL: https://neuvector.${DOMAIN}
  • Take note of the client secret in the credentials

Configure Neuvector Role Mapper📜

In order to use roles from Keycloak, Neuvector needs a claim on the ID Token or the Userinfo endpoint that enumerates the client roles. This can be mapped in a variety of ways, but a simple way to do this is to use the dedicated client scope that gets created for new clients named ${ClientID}-dedicated.

  • Navigate to the client details for your created Neuvector client, click on the Client scopes tab and find the ${ClientID}-dedicated assigned client scope and click on it to open the details.

  • With the dedicated client scope details open, click Add predefined mapper and select the row named client roles and click add.

  • Once added, you should see a list of mappers associated with the client scope, with a single mapper listed named client roles. Cliek on the mapper name to configure the details.

  • For the client roles mapper

  • Set the Client ID to the Client ID of your Keycloak client.
  • Change Token Claim Name from resource_access.${client_id}.roles to roles.
  • Enable Add to userinfo
  • Save

  • To create the approprate client roles navigate back to the Keycloak Client details page and click on the Roles tab.

  • Click Create Role
  • Enter admin for the Role Name
  • Enter Neuvector Admin Role for the Role description

  • Repeat for Reader role

  • Click Create Role
  • Enter reader for the Role Name
  • Enter Neuvector Reader Role for the Role description

  • At this point you can assign client roles to the appropriate users by navigating to the user details of a particular user and navigating to the Role mapping tab.

Configure Neuvector Values📜

The following values are required to leverage the newly created Keycloak client. Use the Client ID and Client Secret from above to populate the OIDC configuration.

Make note that below we are adding group_claim: roles, which tells Neuvector to read from the mapped roles claim to determine which groups the user should be a part of.

In addition group_mapped_roles enumerates specific roles to map to specific groups. In the examples below group is the name of the role in the roles claim which comes from Keycloak, and global_role is the name of the group in Neuvector.

admin and reader are the default roles created by Neuvector.

  enabled: true

    enabled: true
    client_id: neuvector
    client_secret: <client secret>
    default_role: null

  # additional mapping required to map Keycloak roles/groups to Neuvector groups 
            group_claim: roles # claim in token to pull groups from
            # list of groups to map to Neuvector global roles 
              - group: admin 
                global_role: admin 
              - group: reader
                global_role: reader

Last update: 2023-04-11 by Micah Nagel