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How to upgrade the Promtail Package chart📜

This chart is reconciled against the upstream chart as declared in the Kptfile.

When an upgrade is required, kpt can be ran to pull the updates with a targeted tag.

(from the repository root) kpt pkg update chart@<new tag> --strategy alpha-git-patch

Once completed, you will need to reconcile the modifications that Big Bang makes back into the orchestration.

Modifications Made to the upstream chart📜


  • Added annotation with the promtail version
  • Modified Version to include -bb.x suffix


  • Network Policies added to establish allowed communication in/out of namespace


  • Add common values for Big Bang packages for domain, networkpolicies and Istio
  • Update image registry/repository/tag as required by update
  • Add image pull secret for private-registry
  • Set resource requests/limits
  • Be wary of changes to relabel_configs: section, these may cause field action already set errors
  • Append to containerSecurityContext
      runAsUser: 0
      privileged: false
        type: spc_t


  • Tracks current upstream chart

Testing a new promtail version📜

Current testing is done manually. Deployment of Big Bang with Istio, Monitoring, Loki and Promtail enabled. Point the promtail git values at the feature branch. Deploy and ensure all resources reconcile and are healthy.

Once healthy - navigate in browser to (or other specified domain) and navigate Configuration -> Data sources -> Loki and click on Save & test and ensure Data source connected and labels found.

Last update: 2023-08-08 by Ryan Garcia