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Install the Flux CLI Tool📜

sudo curl -s | sudo bash

Fedora Note: kubectl is a prereq for flux, and flux expects it in /usr/local/bin/kubectl symlink it or copy the binary to fix errors.

Install flux.yaml to the Cluster📜


In production use robot credentials, single quotes are important due to the ‘$’
export REGISTRY1_USER='robot$bigbang-onboarding-imagepull'

kubectl create ns flux-system
kubectl create secret docker-registry private-registry \ \
    --docker-username=$REGISTRY1_USER \
    --docker-password=$REGISTRY1_TOKEN \
    --namespace flux-system
kubectl apply -k
Note that you can replace master in the kubectl apply -k command above with tag of the Big Bang release you need. For example:
kubectl apply -k

Now You Can See New CRD Objects Types Inside the Cluster📜

kubectl get crds | grep flux

Advanced Installation📜

Clone the Big Bang repo and use the awesome installation scripts directory

git clone

NOTE requires arguments to run properly, calling it will print out a friendly USAGE message with required arguments needed to complete installation.

Last update: 2023-12-04 by Ryan Garcia