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Authservice consists of two Pods in the authservice namespace, authservice and haproxy-sso. The Pods have unique labels and can be targeted for troubleshooting commands directly through them as such:

Get Pod status📜

Authservice: kubectl describe pod -l -n authservice

HAProxy: kubectl describe pod -l -n authservice

Get Pod logs📜

Authservice: kubectl logs -l -c authservice -n authservice

HAProxy: kubectl logs -l -c haproxy -n authservice

Authservice Configuration📜

Authservice mounts its configuration values from a Secret in the authservice namespace named authservice. If you want to make sure that the values you are entering via Big Bang are being translated correctly into Authservice configuration values, you can check the values being insert into this Secret object as such:

kubectl get secret authservice -n authservice -o jsonpath="{.data.config\.json}" | base64 -d

Last update: 2021-07-27 by garcia.ryan