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NXRM Storage, Database, and High Availability📜

Blob Store📜

Can be a shared file system or a cloud object store.

Blob Stores

  • NFS v4
  • AWS S3


Nexus 3 by default uses an embedded OrientDB for holding metadata and pointers for the blob store, or you may elect to use an external database.

External Database Support📜

Nexus 3 supports integration with an external database.

To enable external database support you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Pro license
  • must be set to true
  • Add a key value pair of nexus.datastore.enabled: true to
  • Add a value for custom_admin_password and set in database
  • A provisioned database, typically RDS or equivalent
  • An understanding of migration steps relevant for your environment:
  • Initial provision
  • Database migration

Additionally, the following must be supplied in nexus.env:

  value: jdbc:postgresql://
  value: nexus
   value: password

Please note - the randomized password generation does not support populating a database password. After the database is provisioned (via Terraform, for example), connect to the database and follow this document to create the admin user and password. Ensure the value is populated in custom_admin_password.

# you can use the following pod to execute psql commands to interact with your database
kubectl exec -it -n gitlab deploy/gitlab-toolbox -c toolbox -- sh
$ psql -U USER -h HOSTNAME

High Availability📜

Discussing with Sonatype to ensure their HA-C solution is compatible with our deployment.

The upstream charts have the replica count hard-coded to 1, possibly due to a limitation.

Monitoring Node Health📜

NXRM provides two endpoints to monitor health status. Success is represented as HTTP 200 OK, failure is represented as HTTP 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE.

  • http://<hostname>:<port>/service/rest/v1/status

Verifies that a node can handle read requests.

  • http://<hostname>:<port>/service/rest/v1/status/writable

Verifies that a node can handle read and write requests.

Last update: 2022-11-15 by Grant Duncklee