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Great job on finishing the workshop!

Throughout this workshop, you have covered a significant amount of material!

Let’s summarize. You have:

  • [x] Installed Istio.
  • [x] Deployed an application.
  • [x] Exposed the application to the internet (Ingress).
  • [x] Deployed and studied observability add-ons including Kiali, Jaeger, Prometheus, and Grafana.
  • [x] Studied facets of service mesh security including mutual tls and authorization policies.
  • [x] Performed a traffic shifting exercise.
  • [x] Used the Sidecar resource.
  • [x] Enforced authorization policies for outbound traffic going through Egress gateways.

Istio has many more features whose scope is beyond the workshop. We encourage you to dig deeper into the Istio docs yourself.

You might also be interested in the free courses offered at the Tetrate Academy, including Istio Fundamentals, and Envoy Fundamentals.

Finally, if you’re interested in certification, check out the Istio Certified Administrator exam.