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Thanks for contributing to this repository!

If you are coming from and have an account at please keep reading. If you are coming from or looking for the project on Github and wanting to make a Pull Request without a account please see External Github Contributions.

This repository uses the following conventions:

Development requires the following tools

To contribute a change:

  1. Open an issue in GitLab describing the scope of your work
  2. Assign yourself to the issue
  3. Label the issue with status::doing
  4. Create a branch in the repository using your issue number as a prefix
  5. Make changes in code and push to your branch
  6. Write test cases by following the testing documentation.
  7. Make commits using the Conventional Commits format
  8. Update using the Keep a Changelog format
  9. Open a merge request into the main branch
  10. Add a reference to the issue in the merge request description
  11. Resolve any failures from the pipeline
  12. Resolve any merge conflicts
  13. Label the Merge Request with status::review
  14. Contact the code owners to expedite your Merge Request review
  15. Address any review comments and merge conflicts during the review process
  16. Wait for a code owner to approve and merge your changes
  17. Request a repository maintainer to create a release and tag

Last update: 2023-11-14 by Sean Thomas