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Metric Server📜


This package contains an installation of Metric Server using a helm chart sourced from upstream with minimal modifications.

Metric Server📜

Metric Server is an addon cluster utility that adds functionality to Kubernetes clusters rather than applications. It is used for monitoring pod CPU & memory utilization for use with autoscaling pods horizontally and vertically.

This repo provides an implementation of Metric Server for Big Bang. The default deployment consists of 2 replicas for high availability.

How it works📜

Metric Server collects resource metrics from Kubelets and exposes them in Kubernetes apiserver through [Metrics API] for use by [Horizontal Pod Autoscaler] and [Vertical Pod Autoscaler]. Metrics API can also be accessed by kubectl top, making it easier to debug autoscaling pipelines.

Metric Server is not meant for non-autoscaling purposes. For example, don’t use it to forward metrics to monitoring solutions, or as a source of monitoring solution metrics. In such cases please collect metrics from Kubelet /metrics/resource endpoint directly.

Users looking to access historical data should look into Prometheus and Grafana packages as part of BigBang’s monitoring stack.

Please review the BigBang Architecture Document for more information about it’s role within BigBang.

Last update: 2024-01-31 by Blane Staskiewicz