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FluentBit is an open source Log Processor and Forwarder which allows you to collect any data like metrics and logs from different sources, enrich them with filters and send them to multiple destinations. It’s the preferred choice for containerized environments like Kubernetes.

Big Bang Touch Points📜

graph TB 
  subgraph "Fluent-Bit"

  subgraph "Elasticsearch"
    fluentbit --> elasticsearch 


Fluentbit itself does not use or require any persistent storage, however it does need hostPath mounts to the kubernetes nodes to tail and process log data. These hostPath volumes are for /var/log/containers to tail logs from containers running on the nodes, and /var/log/flb-storage which is a configurable storage buffer path in use for Big Bang production environments. This storage buffer is configurable via the following values in Big Bang:

      path: /var/log/flb-storage/

      - hostPath:
          path: /var/log/flb-storage/
          type: DirectoryOrCreate
        name: flb-storage

      - mountPath: /var/log/flb-storage/
        name: flb-storage

This storage buffer hostPath mount, in conjunction with the hostPath mount of /var/log/containers/ used to fetch logs requires a securityContext of privileged to be set if SELinux is set to Enforcing on the kubernetes nodes. To set this securityContext for the fluentbit pods, add the following values in Big Bang:

      privileged: true


Since Fluentbit is the method for shipping cluster logs to the ECK stack, to reduce the amount of logs fluentbit and ECK has to process, fluentbit container logs are excluded from being processed and shipped to ECK. However, if you would like to enable fluentbit container logs being sent to ECK you just have to remove the “Excluded_Path” portion of this INPUT block (requires presence of entire block even when changing a single line):

      inputs: |
            Name tail
            Path /var/log/containers/*.log
            Exclude_Path /var/log/containers/*fluent*.log,/var/log/containers/*gatekeeper-audit*.log
            Parser containerd
            Tag kube.*
            Mem_Buf_Limit 50MB
            Skip_Long_Lines On
            storage.type filesystem

High Availability📜

Fluent-bit by default runs as a Kubernetes DaemonSet with a single pod on each node in the cluster. There is no need to run multiple pods per node as only one is required to maintain the state of logs that appear on that node. The Big Bang fluent-bit package also comes with default values to enable and configure a storage buffer to better index and process records on your Kubernetes nodes in the event of pod restarts or pods becoming unhealthy.

Health Checks📜

Fluentbit is able to be configured with a service port for the container, which is able to expose all kinds of metrics including metrics for Prometheus. Starting with Chart version 0.15.X fluentbit comes packaged (when monitoring is enabled) with a ServiceMonitor for the prometheus-operator also bundled with Big Bang so that metrics are available in the Prometheus and Grafana UIs, the latter thanks to this Grafana Dashboard.

Last update: 2022-10-24 by Ryan Garcia