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Testing Vendor Distributions in our Pipeline📜


Vendor distributions are tested within the umbrella project’s ci pipelines. These pipelines include jobs from the umbrella-templates repository.

The main thing to take into account is your cluster should have:

  • Single stage for spinning up
  • Single stage for spinning down
  • Within each job you’re allowed whatever tools/resources needed just store them in the jobs/<your-job>/dependencies folder
  • We provision a VPC and subnets inside a separate job, you can access this information via terraform remote_state
  • We expect you to export the kubeconfig file to connect to your cluster as a GitLab artifact

Vendors can ignore the smoke tests as they are run against a k3d cluster. All other stages are important for vendors to understand. We have also made the assumption that terraform is the base tool that all vendors will use to deploy their clusters in our pipelines.

Working Example📜

A working example for rke2 can be found here (Note this link is pinned to a specific commit to show you exactly where in the code it is being implemented, look at the code to get a gist then view master branch to make sure nothing has changed).

You can find more information about specific jobs in each jobs specific inside umbrella-templates

Last update: 2023-10-02 by Christopher O'Connell