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OCI Artifacts Overview📜

Starting with Big Bang 2.0, Big Bang supports OCI Helm Repositories. These define a source that does not produce an Artifact. Instead a validation of the Helm repository is performed and the outcome is reported in the .status.conditions field.

OCI Artifacts deployment allows customers to choose which packages to deploy with the use of an overrides file that Big Bang uses in their CI pipelines to deploy the OCI charts.


Beginning in Helm 3, you can use container registries with OCI support to store and share chart packages. Beginning in Helm v3.8.0, OCI support is enabled by default. Prior to Helm v3.8.0, OCI support is experimental and must be enabled.

The following is an example Big Bang OCI HelmRepository:📜

  - name: "registry1"
    repository: "oci://"
    existingSecret: "private-registry"
    type: "oci"
    username: ""
    password: ""
    email: ""

  sourceType: "helmRepo"

  sourceType: "helmRepo"

  sourceType: "helmRepo"


    sourceType: "helmRepo"

    sourceType: "helmRepo"


An OCI-based registry can contain zero or more Helm repositories and each of those repositories can contain zero or more packaged Helm charts.

Note: More detailed information in Flux Docs - Helm OCI repository and Helm Docs - Use OCI-based registries