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Kyverno Policies📜

Kyverno policies were pulled from the Kyverno Policy Library and converted to a Helm template for flexibility. Policy descriptions can be found in

If you are transitioning from OPA Gatekeeper to Kyverno policies, see the Gatekeeper vs. Kyverno Policy Comparison for assistance.


Each policy has the following features:


  • name of the policy
  • policy catigory (e.g. security, best practice)
  • the seriousness that should be taken for violations of this policy. Values will be critical, high, medium, low.
  • the Kubernetes resource(s) targeted by the policy (e.g. Pod)
  • a full description of the what the policy does and why it is important


Each policy takes into account global overrides and policy specific overrides for configuration. See the and values.yaml for what attributes can be overridden.

If you need to create a policy exception, see the Exception Guide.


Some policies have had values parameterized to make it more flexible. These values will be listed under parameters.

Additional Policies📜

Custom policies can be created by adding them to the additionalPolicies key as a map. See the samplePolicy in values.yaml for instructions on how to add policies.

Last update: 2022-03-03 by michaelmcleroy