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How to upgrade the Thanos Package chart📜

  1. Navigate to the upstream chart repo and folder and find the tag/hash that corresponds with the new chart version for this update

    • To find this hash, search the bitnami commits till you find the chart version bump commit to master. This is the hash you will want to use in your KPT pkg update.
    • Check the upstream release notes for upgrade notices.
  2. Checkout the renovate/ironbank branch

  3. From the root of the repo run kpt pkg update chart@<tag / hash> --strategy alpha-git-patch, where the tag/hash is found in step 1

    • kpt can be ran to pull the updates with a targeted tag. In thanos’s case we will need the commit hash instead due to the lack of tags on the upstream repo.
    • Run a KPT package update
      kpt pkg update chart@<tag / hash> --strategy alpha-git-patch
    • Reconcile the modifications by following the Modifications Made to the upstream chart section of this document for a list of changes per file to be aware of, for how Big Bang differs from upstream.
  4. Modify the version in Chart.yaml and append -bb.0 to the chart version from upstream. See Update main chart section of this document.

  5. Update dependencies and binaries using helm dependency update ./chart

    • Pull assets and commit the binaries as well as the Chart.lock file that was generated.
      helm dependency update ./chart
  6. Update adding an entry for the new version and noting all changes in a list (at minimum should include - Updated <chart or dependency> to x.x.x).

  7. Generate the updates by following the guide in gluon.

  8. Push up your changes, add upgrade notices if applicable, validate that CI passes.

    • If there are any failures, follow the information in the pipeline to make the necessary updates.

    • Add the debug label to the MR for more detailed information.

    • Reach out to the CODEOWNERS if needed.

  9. Follow the Testing a new Thanos version section of this document for manual testing.

Modifications Made to the upstream chart📜


  • Modified Version to include -bb.x suffix
  • Modified to use registry1 minio package dependency


  • Network Policies and other common BigBang charts added


  • Add common values for Big Bang packages for domain, networkpolicies, tests, and Istio
  • Update image registry/repository/tag as required by update
  • Add image pull secret for private-registry
  • Set resource requests/limits


  • Tracks current upstream chart


The mutating Kyverno policy named update-automountserviceaccounttokens is leveraged to harden all ServiceAccounts in this package with automountServiceAccountToken: false. This policy is configured by namespace in the Big Bang umbrella chart repository at chart/templates/kyverno-policies/values.yaml.

This policy revokes access to the K8s API for Pods utilizing said ServiceAccounts. If a Pod truly requires access to the K8s API (for app functionality), the Pod is added to the pods: array of the same mutating policy. This grants the Pod access to the API, and creates a Kyverno PolicyException to prevent an alert.

Testing a new Thanos version📜

NOTE: For these testing steps it is good to do them on both a clean install and an upgrade. For clean install, point Thanos to your branch. For an upgrade do an install with Thanos pointing to the latest tag, then perform a helm upgrade with Thanos pointing to your branch.

Because Thanos aggregates data, it makes sense to integrate Thanos with Prometheus, MiniIO, and Grafana. The cypress tests will verify datasources are enabled for the monitoring.prometheus-sidecar and an s3 objectstore datasource is registered. See the values.yaml and bigbang test-values.yaml for configuration settings.

You will want to install with:

  • Thanos, Monitoring, Grafana and Istio packages and passing in test-values.yaml



  interval: 1m
    cleanupOnFail: false

  enabled: false

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true
        replicas: 3

    enabled: true
      tag: null
      branch: "renovate/ironbank"

When in doubt with any testing or upgrade steps, reach out to the CODEOWNERS for assistance.

Last update: 2024-02-23 by Blane Staskiewicz