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How to upgrade the Thanos Package chart📜

This chart is reconciled against the upstream chart as declared in the Kptfile.

When an upgrade is required, kpt can be ran to pull the updates with a targeted tag.

(from the repository root) kpt pkg update chart@<new tag> --strategy alpha-git-patch

Once completed, you will need to reconcile the modifications that Big Bang makes.

Modifications Made to the upstream chart📜


  • Modified Version to include -bb.x suffix
  • Modified to use registry1 minio package dependency


  • Network Policies and other common BigBang charts added


  • Add common values for Big Bang packages for domain, networkpolicies, tests, and Istio
  • Update image registry/repository/tag as required by update
  • Add image pull secret for private-registry
  • Set resource requests/limits


  • Tracks current upstream chart

Testing a new Thanos version📜

Because Thanos aggregates data, it makes sense to integrate Thanos with Prometheus, MiniIO, and Grafana. The cypress tests will verify datasources are enabled for the monitoring.prometheus-sidecar and an s3 objectstore datasource is registered. See the values.yaml and bigbang test-values.yaml for configuration settings.

When using the bigbang install (monitoring/grafana/thanos/and passing in test-values.yaml, you should be able to:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Stores” and verify you see the Sidecar and Store stores. These should both be UP.
  3. Go to and verify the grafana datasource by clicking Save & test

Last update: 2023-11-08 by Blane Staskiewicz