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Big Bang Customer Template for Deploying Big Bang📜


To deploy Big Bang, the following items are required:

In addition, the following items are recommended to assist with troubleshooting:

Development k3d cluster automation with AWS k3d Dev Script📜

k3d Script (This script does not does not install Flux or deploy Big Bang. You must handle those deployments after your k3d dev cluster is ready.)

Quick Start Guide (Contains a step-by-step guide and a video walkthrough to quickstart your deployment)

Template Repository (Contains a template that you can replicate in your own Git repo to get started with Big Bang configuration. If you are new to Big Bang it is recommended you start with the Big Bang Quickstart before attempting customization)


Big Bang being deployed is not required to work on the labs, that are listed later on in the training.

If you are not confident in deploying Big Bang at this time, please come back to this part of the training later on, after completing the rest of the sections.