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To upgrade the Harbor Package📜

Check the upstream changelog and the upgrade notes.


Find the latest version of the harbor image that matches the latest version in IronBank that Renovate has identified from here:

Run a KPT update against the main chart folder:

# To find the chart version for the command below:
# - Browse to the [upstream](
# - Click on the drop-down menu on the upper left, then on Tags.
# - Scroll through the tags until you get to the Helm chart version tags (e.g. v1.13.0, v1.12.4, etc.).
# - Starting with the most recent Helm chart version tag, open the Chart.yaml for the tag. If the appVersion value corresponds to the version of Loki that Renovate detected for an upgrade, this is the correct version. So, for example, if you will be updating to chart 
# version v1.13.0, your kpt command would be:

kpt pkg update chart@v1.13.0 --strategy alpha-git-patch

kpt pkg update chart@${chart.version} --strategy alpha-git-patch

Update dependencies in chart.yml📜

helm dependency update ./chart

Update main chart📜


  • update harbor version and appVersion
  • Ensure Big Bang version suffix is appended to chart version
  • Ensure dependencies gluon, postgresql, and redis are present and up to date
    version: $VERSION-bb.0
      - name: postgresql
        version: $POSTGRESQL_VERSION
        repository: file://./deps/postgresql
        condition: postgresql.enabled
      - name: redis
        version: $REDIS_VERSION
        repository: oci://
        condition: redis-bb.enabled
        alias: redis-bb
      - name: gluon
        version: $GLUON_VERSION
        repository: oci://
    annotations: |
        - Harbor Core: $HARBOR_APP_VERSION


  • Verify that Renovate updated the image tags in chart/values.yaml
  • For example, if Renovate wants to update harbor-core to version v2.9.0, you should see:
        # -- Overrides the image tag whose default is the chart's appVersion
        tag: v2.9.0

tests\images.txt - verify that image tag in is updated to match current version

Testing new harbor Version📜

Deploy harbor as part of BigBang in the local dev cluster📜

helm upgrade \
  --install bigbang ./bigbang/chart \
  --create-namespace \
  --namespace bigbang \
  --values ./bigbang/chart/values.yaml \
  --values ./overrides/registry-values.yaml \
  --values ./bigbang/chart/ingress-certs.yaml \
  --set gatekeeper.enabled=false \
  --set addons.harbor.enabled=true
Visit and login

default credentials

  username: admin

  password: Harbor12345

From the CLI, run the following to test pushing/pulling from registry is working as expected

docker login

# Enter default credentials

docker pull alpine:latest alpine-latest.tar

docker push alpine-latest.tar

Last update: 2023-10-27 by Ryan Garcia