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Introduction to Big Bang📜

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What is Big Bang?📜

  • A collection of open source and commercial software hardened by the DoD

What does Big Bang provide?📜

  • A DevSecOps Platform where you can build and host apps
  • DoD hardened and approved containers deployed to your Kubernetes cluster
  • Helps you build a custom software factory for your specific mission needs
  • Faster development and deployment of your mission applications
  • DoD DevSecOps Reference Design
  • More likely to receive a Continuous ATO (Authority to Operate)

Why use Big Bang?📜

  • Secure, stable, and efficient implementation of Kubernetes and DevSecOps
  • Compliant with the DoD DevSecOps Reference Architecture Design
  • Faster deployments because infrastructure is defined as code
  • Decreases your security burden by using IronBank container images
  • Reduces maintenance burden by receiving app updates from P1’s Big Bang Team
  • SSO for free Instead of building SSO (Single Sign-On) into apps, developers can label their pods “protect=keycloak” to automatically integrate SSO with their application.
  • Allows groups to collaborate and reuse secure solutions

How is Big Bang implemented?📜

  • Installed on your Kubernetes cluster via an umbrella Helm chart
  • Managed using GitOps and Configuration as Code
  • Orchestrated using Flux V2
  • Hardened with Iron Bank container images

What do I need to use it?📜

  • A Kubernetes cluster
  • A developer, devops, or system engineer

Current DevSecOps Complexity📜

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How is Big Bang Offered?📜

  1. Through the Big Bang Customer Integration Team. This is a paid service. The Integration Team helps you set up and maintain a Big Bang environment that you host in your own environment. As part of our tech-fit evaluation, our engineers will work with you to determine the level of support and services that is best for you.
  2. Through Party Bus. This is also a paid service. Party Bus is a multi-tenant environment hosted, managed, and supported by the Platform One Party Bus team.
  3. Big Bang Open Source. You deploy Big Bang on your own in your environment and contribute back code/documentation. See Big Bang Customer Template to get started.

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Big Bang vs. Party Bus📜

Your application on Party Bus uses Party Bus CI/CD pipelines and processes on Platform One infrastructure, leveraging Party Bus’s cATO, which Platform One’s Authorizing Official has already approved.

On the other hand, simply installing Big Bang in your environment does not guarantee a cATO or ATO for any application you build on it. Big Bang users who host their own environment must work with their AOs to receive an ATO/cATO.

Understanding Big Bang

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