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Version: 2.4.2-bb.14 AppVersion: 5.4.1

Anchore Enterprise is a complete container security workflow solution for professional teams. Easily integrating with CI/CD systems, it allows developers to bolster security without compromising velocity and enables security teams to audit and verify compliance in real-time. It is based on Anchore Engine, an open-source image inspection and scanning tool.

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  • Kubernetes Cluster deployed
  • Kubernetes config installed in ~/.kube/config
  • Helm installed

Kubernetes: >=1.23.x || >=1.23.x-x

Install Helm


  • Clone down the repository
  • cd into directory
    helm install anchore chart/


Please see the values docs.


Please see the contributing guide if you are interested in contributing.

Last update: 2024-05-03 by Bulat Khamitov