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Logs from the ECK stack📜


  • ECK stack deployed

Getting Started📜

  • Login to Kibana
  • username: elastic
  • Password : can be obtained by querying kubectl get secrets -n logging logging-ek-es-elastic-user -o go-template=’{{.data.elastic | base64decode}}’
  • Create an Index by clicking the Management icon in the left menu and clicking Index patterns under Kibana. In the Create Index patterns enter and click create index pattern. In the the next step Click on the dropdown and select “@timestamp”

  • For Search click on Discovery from the side menu

  • In KQL textbox enter : elastic

  • Click Refresh/Update

  • Note: Logs from the monitoring stack can be viewd on Kibana. The default index pattern is logstash-*. Logs for the entire ECK stack can be procured by filtering on the “elastic” namespace.

Further filters that can be used are:


  • kubernetes.pod_name = Kibana Pod Name to get logs from a specific pod
    • kubernetes.container_name = kibana to get logs from kibana container

Elasticsearch Pods📜

  • kubernetes.pod_name = elastic-es-default-# to get logs from a specific # pod
    • kubernetes.container_name = elasticsearch or elastic-internal-init-filesystem to get logs from a specific container within the pod

Last update: 2022-09-22 by evan.rush