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Code Changes for Updates📜

Fluentbit within Big Bang is a modified version of an upstream chart. kpt is used to handle any automatic updates from upstream. The below details the steps required to update to a new version of the Fluentbit package.

  1. Navigate to the upstream fluentbit helm chart repo and find the latest chart version that works with the image update. For example, if updating to 1.8.11 I would look at the Chart.yaml appVersion field and switch through the latest git tags until I find one that matches 1.8.11. For this example that would be fluent-bit-0.19.16.

  2. From the top level of the repo run kpt pkg update chart@{GIT TAG} --strategy alpha-git-patch replacing {GIT TAG} with the tag you found in step one. You may run into some merge conflicts, resolve these in the way that makes the most sense. In general, if something is a BB addition you will want to keep it, otherwise go with the upstream change.

  3. Append -bb.0 to the version in chart/Chart.yaml.

  4. Update adding an entry for the new version and noting all changes (at minimum should include Updated Fluentbit to x.x.x).

  5. Generate the updates by following the guide in gluon.

  6. Open an MR in “Draft” status and validate that CI passes. This will perform a number of smoke tests against the package, but it is good to manually deploy to test some things that CI doesn’t. Follow the steps below for manual testing.

  7. Once all manual testing is complete take your MR out of “Draft” status and add the review label.

Manual Testing for Updates📜

NOTE: For these testing steps it is good to do them on both a clean install and an upgrade. For clean install, point fluentbit to your branch. For an upgrade do an install with fluentbit pointing to the latest tag, then perform a helm upgrade with fluentbit pointing to your branch.

The following overrides can be used for a bare minimum FluentBit deployment:

  enabled: true
    enabled: true
    client_id: platform1_a8604cc9-f5e9-4656-802d-d05624370245_bb8-kibana
  enabled: true
  enabled: true
  enabled: true
          - /var/lib/rancher/k3s/storage/pvc-*

  enabled: true
    tag: null
    branch: renovate/ironbank
  enabled: true
  enabled: true
  enabled: false
  enabled: false
  enabled: true

Testing Steps: - Login to Prometheus, validate under Status -> Targets that all fluentbit targets are showing as up - Login to Grafana, then navigate to Dashboards > fluentbit-fluent-bit and validate that the dashboard displays data - Login to Kibana, then navigate to and add an index pattern for logstash-* - Navigate to Analytics -> Discover and validate that pod logs are appearing in the logstash index pattern

Note: as of BB 2.0, if kyverno is not enabled in your cluster the following secrets will need to be copied from the logging namespace to fluentbit in order to successfully test fluentbit log shipping to elasticsearch. - logging-ek-es-http-certs-public - logging-ek-es-http-certs-internal - logging-ek-es-elastic-user

The following script can be run to copy the secrets over from the logging namespace. The yq package install instructions can be found here.

kubectl get secret -n logging logging-ek-es-http-certs-public -o yaml | yq '.metadata.namespace = "fluentbit"' - | kubectl apply -f -

kubectl get secret -n logging logging-ek-es-http-certs-internal -o yaml | yq 'del(.metadata["creationTimestamp","resourceVersion","selfLink","uid","ownerReferences"])' | yq '.metadata.namespace = "fluentbit"' - | kubectl apply -f -

kubectl get secret -n logging logging-ek-es-elastic-user -o yaml | yq '.metadata.namespace = "fluentbit"' - | kubectl apply -f -

When in doubt with any testing or upgrade steps ask one of the CODEOWNERS for assistance.

Modifications made to upstream chart📜

Note that this list is likely incomplete currently.


  • Add fluent-bit.conf: [OUTPUT]s, lines 11 to 226


  • Add additionalElastic to additionalLoki (lines 50 to 77) with the adjustment in order to envFrom in the middle (lines 55-58)
  • Add Values.additionalOutputs (lines 122 to 137 and lines 162-180)
  • Change container name to name: {{ default .Chart.Name .Values.nameOverride }}


  • Added values for elasticsearch, istio, additionalOutputs, storage_buffer, networkPolicies, openshift, and bbtests
  • Changed image to default to Ironbank image
  • Set default securityContext, imagePullSecrets, extraVolumes, extraVolumeMounts, and config
  • Added commented out values for serviceMonitor.scheme and serviceMonitor.tlsConfig


  • Name changed to fluentbit
  • Annotations added for versioning, images
  • Gluon dependency added for helm tests

Last update: 2024-05-09 by Jimmy Ungerman