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What the Kubernetes (K8s) Section covers:📜

  • The basics of kubernetes - components, controllers, nodes, objects, namespaces, pods, deployments, services, config maps, and kubectl

  • Package managers and how Big Bang uses them.

  • Operators, how they compare to controllers, and examples of operators in Big Bang.

  • What GitOps is, benefits of GitOps, and the flow and architecture of GitOps and Flux v2.

  • What a service mesh is? How sidecars/injection, Istio and Istio architecture, traffic management and gateways are used in a service mesh.

  • Prometheus, Prometheus Operator Components, example CR, PromQl and GitOps.

  • EaaS, SOPS and SOPS workflow

  • Consolidated Logging, Fluent Bit, ECK and Kibana

Section Outcomes📜

In this section, users will achieve intermediate level proficiency with Kubernetes and a basic understanding GitOps, mesh services, secrets, and logging.