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Thanks for contributing to this repository!

If you are coming from and have an account at please keep reading. If you are coming from or looking for the project on Github and wanting to make a Pull Request without a account please see External Github Contributions.

This repository follows the following conventions:

Development requires the Kubernetes CLI tool as well as a local Kubernetes cluster. KIND is recommended as a lightweight local option for standing up Kubernetes clusters.

To contribute a change:

  1. Create a branch on the cloned repository with a descriptive name, prefixed with your name. For example, gd/add-ingress is an appropriate branch name.
  2. Make the changes in code, and test deployment following Development Maintenance
  3. Write tests using KUTTL and Conftest
  4. Make commits using the Conventional Commits format. This helps with automation for changelog. Update in the same commit using the Keep a Changelog. Depending on tooling maturity, this step may be automated.
  5. Open a merge request using one of the provided templates. If this merge request is solving a preexisting issue, add the issue reference into the description of the MR.
  6. During this time, ensure that all new commits are rebased into your branch so that it remains up to date with the development branch.
  7. Wait for a maintainer of the repository (see CODEOWNERS) to approve.
  8. If you have permissions to merge, you are responsible for merging. Otherwise, a CODEOWNER will merge the commit.

Last update: 2023-11-16 by Joe Foster