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To upgrade Gatekeeper package📜

  • Check the latest releases and review release notes.

  • Verify that this version is available on the registry.

  • Update the chart with KPT

    kpt pkg update chart@gatekeeper-${chart.version} --strategy alpha-git-patch

  • Review changes to make sure they are compatible with Big Bang

  • Update tests/test-values.yml as necessary

  • Update README, CHANGELOG, and bump chart version

Testing new version📜

  • Create overrides/gatekeeper.yaml

      enabled: true
      enabled: true
      sourceType: "git"
        tag: Null
        branch: "renovate/ironbank"

  • Deploy Big Bang and Gatekeeper to dev environment

    helm upgrade -i bigbang ./bigbang/chart --create-namespace -n bigbang -f ./bigbang/chart/ingress-certs.yaml -f ./overrides/registry-values.yaml -f ./overrides/gatekeeper.yaml

  • Verify all resources are successfully deployed

    kubectl get all -n gatekeeper-system

  • Review events for any errors

    kubectl get events -n gatekeeper-system

Last update: 2024-04-01 by Robert Massey