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In this section, you have learned:

  • [x] The basics of kubernetes - components, controllers, nodes, objects, namespaces, pods, deployments, services, config maps, and kubectl

  • [x] What package managers are and how Big Bang uses them.

  • [x] What operators are, how they compare to controllers, and examples of operators in Big Bang.

  • [x] What GitOps is, benefits of GitOps, and the flow and architecture of GitOps and Flux v2.

  • [x] What a service mesh is and how sidecars/injection, Istio and Istio architecture, traffic management and gateways are used in a service mesh.

  • [x] About Prometheus, Prometheus Operator Components, example CR, PromQl and GitOps.

  • [x] What EaaS, SOPS and SOPS workflow are.

  • [x] What Consolidated Logging, Fluent Bit, ECK and Kibana are.

Kubernetes has many more features, the scope of which is beyond this section. We encourage you to dig deeper into the K8s docs yourself to learn more.