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Upgrading to a new version📜

The below details the steps required to update to a new version of the Argocd package.

  1. Review the upstream release notes for the update you are going to, as well as any versions skipped over between the last BB release and this one. Note any breaking changes and new features.

  2. Use kpt to pull the upstream chart via the latest tag that corresponds to the application version. kpt pkg update chart@argo-cd-<version> --strategy alpha-git-patch

  3. Based on the upstream changelog review from earlier, make any changes required to resolve breaking changes and reconcile the Big Bang modifications.

  4. Modify the version in Chart.yaml. Also modify the appVersion and the to the new upstream version of Argocd.

  5. Update adding an entry for the new version and noting all changes (at minimum should include Updated Mattermost to x.x.x).

  6. If there are any sub chart dependencies that need to be updated, run helm dep update ./chart

  7. Generate the updates by following the guide in gluon.

  8. Open an MR in “Draft” status and validate that CI passes. This will perform a number of smoke tests against the package, but it is good to manually deploy to test some things that CI doesn’t. Follow the steps below for manual testing.

  9. Once all manual testing is complete take your MR out of “Draft” status and add the review label.

Testing for updates📜

NOTE: For these testing steps it is good to do them on both a clean install and an upgrade. For clean install, point argocd to your branch. For an upgrade do an install with argocd pointing to the latest tag, then perform a helm upgrade with argocd pointing to your branch.

You will want to install with: - Istio enabled - Argocd enabled - Set admin password for testing determinism (this sets password to Password123)

The above can be accomplished with the following overrides for Big Bang:

  enabled: true
    enabled: true
          argocdServerAdminPassword: '$2a$10$rUDZDckdDZ2TEwk9PDs3QuqjkL58qR1IHE1Kj4MwDx.7/m5dytZJm'

Testing Steps: - Ensure all resources have reconciled and are healthy - Ensure the application is resolvable at - Run the cypress tests to confirm functionality of adding and deleting an application via the UI

When in doubt with any testing or upgrade steps ask one of the CODEOWNERS for assistance.

Big Bang Chart Additions📜

This package has a number of additions to the upstream helm chart to integrate with other Big Bang capabilities such as:

  • Monitoring tools (Prometheus/Grafana)
  • Service Mesh (Istio)
  • Network Policies
  • Helm hook jobs for automating upgrade tasks

Here’s the section of the chart/values.yaml file where these additions are configured:

# Big Bang Additions
# SSO Additions
  enabled: false
    policy.csv: |
      g, Impact Level 2 Authorized, role:admin
  keycloakClientSecret: this-can-be-anything-for-dev
    oidc.config: |
      name: Keycloak
      clientID: platform1_a8604cc9-f5e9-4656-802d-d05624370245_bb8-argocd
      clientSecret: $oidc.keycloak.clientSecret
      requestedScopes: ["openid","ArgoCD"]
# Optional key/secret for IAM role when using SOPS encryption in AWS.
  awsAccessKeyId: ""
  awsSecretAccessKey: ""
  awsDefaultRegion: "us-gov-west-1"
## Your FQDN will be ${ .Values.subdomain }.${ .Values.domain }
  # -- Toggle BigBang istio integration
  enabled: false
  # -- Toggle BigBang istio injection
  injection: "disabled"
  # -- Default argocd peer authentication
    # -- STRICT = Allow only mutual TLS traffic,
    # PERMISSIVE = Allow both plain text and mutual TLS traffic
    mode: STRICT
    # -- Toggle Istio VirtualService creation
    enabled: true
    # -- Set Annotations for VirtualService
    annotations: {}
    # -- Set Labels for VirtualService
    labels: {}
    # -- Set Gateway for VirtualService
      - istio-system/main
    # -- Set Hosts for VirtualService
      - argocd.{{ .Values.domain }}
  # -- Toggle BigBang monitoring integration
  enabled: false
  # -- Toggle BigBang networkPolicies integration
  enabled: false
    app: istio-ingressgateway
    istio: ingressgateway
  # -- Control Plane CIDR, defaults to, use `kubectl get endpoints -n default kubernetes` to get the CIDR range needed for your cluster
  # Must be an IP CIDR range (x.x.x.x/x - ideally with /32 for the specific IP of a single endpoint, broader range for multiple masters/endpoints)
  # Used by package NetworkPolicies to allow Kube API access
  enabled: true
    tag: 2.1.0
    imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

There are instances where the helm chart templates for Kubernetes resources in this package will need to have helm template values that will be a necessary addition to the upstream templates.

Disable redisSecretInit

  # -- Enable Redis secret initialization. If disabled, secret must be provisioned by alternative methods
  enabled: false


The Kubernetes Service and ServiceMonitor templates used for metrics collection in this package, currently named metrics.yaml and servicemonitor.yaml, have a notable addition of a values key to the conditional statements to the templates:


Adding this value to the conditional in metrics Service templates will tell helm to deploy these resources based on the value that is set for that key, which in this case would be true or false.


{{- if or (.Values.server.metrics.enabled) (.Values.monitoring.enabled) }}


The mutating Kyverno policy named update-automountserviceaccounttokens is leveraged to harden all ServiceAccounts in this package with automountServiceAccountToken: false. This policy is configured by namespace in the Big Bang umbrella chart repository at chart/templates/kyverno-policies/values.yaml.

This policy revokes access to the K8s API for Pods utilizing said ServiceAccounts. If a Pod truly requires access to the K8s API (for app functionality), the Pod is added to the pods: array of the same mutating policy. This grants the Pod access to the API, and creates a Kyverno PolicyException to prevent an alert.

AWS Credentials Secret📜

The secret located at chart/templates/bigbang/argocd-iam-secret.yaml is a Big Bang addition.

This secret stores AWS credentials for an IAM role when using SOPS encryption for your Big Bang values.

Ensure this file does not get removed/deleted after performing an upgrade with kpt.

RBAC SSO ConfigMap📜

The configmap at chart/templates/argocd-configs/argocd-rbac-cm.yaml needs to be edited to include the BB SSO values.

Currently this is done by modifying the configmap data to the following to effectively merge our SSO configs into the defaults:

{{- if .Values.sso.enabled }}
{{- with (mergeOverwrite (deepCopy (omit .Values.configs.rbac "create" "annotations")) (.Values.server.rbacConfig | default dict) .Values.sso.rbac) }}
  {{- toYaml . | nindent 2 }}
{{- end }}
{{- else }}
{{- with (mergeOverwrite (deepCopy (omit .Values.configs.rbac "create" "annotations")) (.Values.server.rbacConfig | default dict)) }}
  {{- toYaml . | nindent 2 }}
{{- end }}
{{- end }}
{{- end }}

argocd-cm.yaml is also modified to include the SSO config:

{{- if .Values.sso.enabled }}
  {{- toYaml .Values.sso.config | nindent 2 }}
{{- end }}

argocd-secret.yaml is also modified to add an SSO conditional + the client secret:

  {{- if .Values.sso.enabled }}
  oidc.keycloak.clientSecret: {{.Values.sso.keycloakClientSecret | b64enc }}
  {{- end }}

Additionally, there is an extra conditional check added to argocd-secret.yaml to ensure that if .Values.sso.keycloakClientSecret AND .Values.sso.enabled are set, then the secret should be populated.

  {{- if or .Values.configs.secret.githubSecret (or .Values.configs.secret.gitlabSecret .Values.configs.secret.bitbucketUUID .Values.configs.secret.bitbucketServerSecret .Values.configs.secret.gogsSecret (and .Values.configs.secret.azureDevops.username .Values.configs.secret.azureDevops.password) .Values.configs.secret.argocdServerAdminPassword .Values.configs.secret.extra (and .Values.sso.keycloakClientSecret .Values.sso.enabled)) }}


The Chart.yaml file has a number of changes to support Big Bang needs: - -bb.x version appended - Chart renamed to argocd for consistency across BB - Annotations added for images and app versions - Dependencies added for Gluon, argocd-apps, and BB Redis


  • Modified argo-cd.redis.fullname to point to BB redis


  • Modified to support BB redis via arg changes to the repo server container.
  • Modified envFrom section to support mounting AWS credentials


  • Modified to support BB redis via arg changes to the server container.


  • Modified $redisHa to reference BB redis

argocd-apps templates📜

  • In deps/argocd-apps/templates/* all of the templates have been given post-install ad post-upgrade hooks so that they wait for the argocd crds to be installed before continuing.

Last update: 2024-05-29 by Daniel Stocum