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Integration: Overview📜

The following documents should be followed, in order, to fully integrate a new package into Big Bang:

  1. Upstream Helm Chart: Initialize package workspace using an upstream Helm chart
  2. CICD Pipeline: Establish a baseline package pipeline for testing changes
  3. Flux Helm Chart: Create Flux compatible GitOps Helm chart required by Big Bang
  4. Service mesh: Integrate with service mesh for ingress/egress
  5. Monitoring: Enable metrics scraping on product
  6. Database: If required, add internal and external database support using Big Bang values
  7. Object Storage: If required, add internal or external object storage support using Big Bang values
  8. Single-sign On: If available, add single-sign on (SSO) through internal or external identify provider.
  9. Additional Tests: Add testing to validate basic functionality
  10. Network Policies: Add ingress/egress policies to restrict network traffic for security
  11. Policy Enforcement: Update package to comply with default security and governance policies in Big Bang
  12. Supported Package: Migrate package into the Big Bang repo as a supported package
  13. Final Documentation: Add additional Big Bang documentation for final release
  14. Big Bang Merge Request: Create Big Bang Merge Request and run all packages pipeline.

Last update: 2024-01-31 by Michael Martin