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Istio Control Plan Ingress Configuration📜


Without changes to this template, the following ingress will be created:

  • One ingress gateway
  • Name: istio-ingressgateway
  • Type: load balancer
  • Listening ports: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 15021 (Istio Status), and 15443 (Istio SNI)
  • One gateway
  • Name: main
  • Ingress Gateway: istio-ingressgateway
  • Hosts: *.{domain}
  • HTTP redirect to HTTPS
  • TLS termination on HTTPS
  • No TLS certificate

At a minimum, a secret holding the wildcard TLS certificate for the domain needs to be provided for the default setup to function. In addition, Virtual Services should be created for applications to create a complete ingress to an endpoint.

Additional Ingress Gateways📜

To create additional ingress gateways (or replace the default), the following values.yaml configuration can be used. Under the k8s section, any parameters listed in the Istio Operator documentation can be added.

To remove the default ingress gateway, set istio-ingressgateway: null in your values.yaml

  # Complete example of an additional ingressgateway defined below
  private-ingressgateway:  # This becomes the name
    extraLabels: {} # Automatic labels: 'app: {ingress gateway name}'
    k8s: # Set any value from
      # hpaSpec:  By default, HPA is set from 1-5 instances with a target average utilization of 80%
      resources: {}
        # requests:
        #   cpu: 500m
        #   memory: 1Gi
        # limits:
        #   cpu: 1.5
        #   memory: 3Gi
        type: "LoadBalancer" # or "NodePort"
        # ports: By default ports 15021 (status), 80, 443, and 15443 (SNI Routing) are setup
      podAnnotations: {} #
      serviceAnnotations: {} #
      nodeSelector: {} #
      affinity: {} #
      tolerations: [] #

Additional Gateways📜

Additional gateways can be added to Istio by using the following configuration in your values.yaml.

  • selector should be used to select which IngressGateway to use
  • HTTP redirect is automatically included in every gateway
  • The TLS credentials must be created separately in a secret and referenced in the tls.credentialName field
  • Hosts should not overlap between Gateways unless the Ingress Gateways are completely isolated (e.g. different IPs or different Ports)

To remove the default gateway, set main: null in your values.yaml


See for spec📜

gateways: private: selector: app: “private-istio-ingressgateway” servers: - hosts: - “mypackage.{{ .Values.domain }}” port: name: http2 number: 8443 protocol: HTTPS tls: credentialName: “some-secret” mode: “SIMPLE” ```

Last update: 2021-07-20 by michaelmcleroy