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Code Changes for Updates📜

Jaeger is a modified/customized version of an upstream chart. The below details the steps required to update to a new version of the Jaeger package.

  1. Navigate to the upstream chart repo and folder and find the tag that corresponds with the new chart version for this image update.

    • For example, if updating the Jaeger images to 1.28 you would check the chart values and switch Gitlab tags until you find the latest chart version that uses 1.28 images. In this case that is jaeger-operator-2.27.0 (as of this doc construction).
  2. Checkout the renovate/ironbank branch. This branch will already have the updates you need for the images.

  3. From the root of the repo run kpt pkg update chart@jaeger-operator-<tag> --strategy alpha-git-patch replacing <tag> with the version tag you got in step 1.

    • You may be prompted to resolve some conflicts - choose what makes sense (if there are BB additions/changes keep them, if there are upstream additions/changes keep them).
    • Follow the Modifications made to upstream chart section of this document for a list of changes per file to be aware of, for how Big Bang differs from upstream.
  4. Modify the version in Chart.yaml - you will want to append -bb.0 to the chart version from upstream. update dependencies to latest BB gluon library version.

    helm dependency update ./chart

  5. Update adding an entry for the new version and noting all changes (at minimum should include - Updated Jaeger to x.x.x).

  6. Generate the updates by following the guide in gluon.

  7. Push up your changes, add upgrade notices if applicable, validate that CI passes.

    • If there are any failures, follow the information in the pipeline to make the necessary updates.
    • Add the debug label to the MR for more detailed information.
    • Reach out to the CODEOWNERS if needed.
  8. Perform the steps below for manual testing. CI provides a good set of basic smoke tests but it is beneficial to run some additional checks.

Manual Testing for Updates📜

NOTE: For these testing steps it is good to do them on both a clean install and an upgrade. For clean install, point jaeger to your branch. For an upgrade do an install with jaeger pointing to the latest tag, then perform a helm upgrade with jaeger pointing to your branch.

You will want to install with: - Jaeger, Logging (elastic, eck operator, and fluentbit), Kiali, Authservice, Monitoring and Istio packages enabled - Tempo diabled - Dev SSO values for Kiali, Monitoring, and Jaeger



  interval: 1m
    cleanupOnFail: false

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  enabled: true
    enabled: true
      client_id: platform1_a8604cc9-f5e9-4656-802d-d05624370245_bb8-prometheus
      client_id: platform1_a8604cc9-f5e9-4656-802d-d05624370245_bb8-alertmanager

  enabled: true
    tag: null
    branch: "renovate/ironbank"
    enabled: true
    client_id: platform1_a8604cc9-f5e9-4656-802d-d05624370245_bb8-jaeger

  enabled: true
    enabled: true
    client_id: platform1_a8604cc9-f5e9-4656-802d-d05624370245_bb8-kiali

  enabled: false

    enabled: true

Testing Steps: - Login with SSO to Jaeger (if you are not prompted for an SSO login, this could indicate a problem with the authservice connection) - On the search fields on the left pick a service and click find traces. - Validate that traces load. - Navigate to Kiali and login with SSO - Under applications find the namespace and service that corresponds with the service you picked in Jaeger earlier. - Validate that traces show under the traces tab. - Navigate to Prometheus - Validate that the Jaeger operator targets show as UP.

When in doubt with any testing or upgrade steps ask one of the CODEOWNERS for assistance.

Modifications made to upstream chart📜

This is a high-level list of modifications that Big Bang has made to the upstream helm chart. You can use this as as cross-check to make sure that no modifications were lost during the upgrade process.


  • Files added to support networkPolicies, cert generation, monitoring, mTLS enforcement, VirtualService, etc


  • Chart renamed jaeger
  • Append -bb.x versioning to version
  • Add gluon dependency chart for helm tests (also run helm dependency update ./chart to store this):
    - name: gluon
        version: 0.3.1
        repository: oci://
  • Add bigbang dev annotation for release automation:
    annotations: |
        - Jaeger: 1.34.1


  • Added selector label template to support upgrades
    # Generate selector labels -- see issue #512. This allows helm upgrades to happen
    {{- define "jaeger-operator.selector.labels" }} {{ include "" . }}
    {{- end }}
  • Added name: {{ include "jaeger-operator.fullname" . }} to "jaeger-operator.labels" template


  • Upgrade strategy added below spec.replicas:
    {{- if .Values.operatorUpdateStrategy }}
      {{- toYaml .Values.operatorUpdateStrategy | nindent 4 }}
    {{- end }}
  • spec.selector.matchLabels changed to {{ include "jaeger-operator.selector.labels" . | nindent 6 }}
  • Annotations values added below extraLabels:
    {{- if .Values.annotations }}
      {{ toYaml .Values.annotations | nindent 8 }}
    {{- end }}
  • spec.template.spec.containers added securityContext
        - ALL
  • Changed ports: name: metrics to http-metrics


  • Changed name to jaeger
  • Refactored to support certain parts of the spec rather than a simple toYaml (should we re-evaluate this?)
  • added {{- if .Values.elasticsearch.enabled }} code block


  • added spec.securityContext code block


  • Changed spec.ports -name: metrics to http-metrics


  • Gluon cypress test template added


  • Cypress config and test added


  • Substantial values additions/changes to use IB images, support BB core interactions, etc
  • When in doubt ask about these changes
  • default nameOverride added and set to original chart name jaeger-operator


The mutating Kyverno policy named update-automountserviceaccounttokens is leveraged to harden all ServiceAccounts in this package with automountServiceAccountToken: false. This policy is configured by namespace in the Big Bang umbrella chart repository at chart/templates/kyverno-policies/values.yaml.

This policy revokes access to the K8s API for Pods utilizing said ServiceAccounts. If a Pod truly requires access to the K8s API (for app functionality), the Pod is added to the pods: array of the same mutating policy. This grants the Pod access to the API, and creates a Kyverno PolicyException to prevent an alert.

Last update: 2024-02-13 by Christopher O'Connell